Paradise Poker Bonus Casino How to calm your nerves during a particularly tense hand of poker

How to calm your nerves during a particularly tense hand of poker

Poker is a casino game that people have loved for a long time and still enjoy playing today. As with other popular card or table games, it has some unique features that explain this. To begin with, poker is a strategic game thatdoes not only rely on luck. It is, of course, also great fun to play and dramatic.

For these reasons, you will find poker at most online casinos. This is great news for players as it makes the game very accessible. If you are looking for a top iGaming site to try poker at, then Newest Casino is the best choice in many people’s eyes. This online casino not only carries poker games, but is also safe, easy to use, and offers great customer support.

If you plan togive poker a try, then it is key to know that some hands can get very tense. How can you calm your nerves in these situations when playing?


When the action gets tense, you may find that it affects you physiologically. This can, in turn, make you feel anxious and leave you finding it hard to think straight. A good tip is totake a few deep breaths. If you do not know how to do this, then checking out a few deep breathing exercises is sensible. Doing this will keep your breathing at a normal rate and stopyou from feeling stressed. Focusing on your breathing also helpsto centre you and preventsexternal distractions from causing you grief.

Focus on your cards and your skill

 A good tip to stay calmer in your next tense poker hand is trusting in your own skill level and the hand you have. The action only usually gets really dramatic later in the betting, and this suggests that you must have a good hand (or a good reason to think that your hand will win) to be in there still.Remember that this is when it starts getting serious, and trust in that, rather than worrying about what could happen at the final showdown.

Enjoy yourself

Although you might be at the table to win, do not make this the be-all and end-all. It is key to actually enjoy playing the game – whatever might happen over a session. If you are only there to win, you will find it hard to stay calm in tense hands. If you enjoy yourself when playing though, you will find that you feel excited rather than worried when the action hots up.

 Staying calm in big poker hands is worthwhile

 There are many gambling errors to avoid, but getting stressed in a dramatic poker hand is perhaps the worst. As the above shows, there are a few ways that you can stay calm when a poker hand gets tense though. This is worth doing as it will see you keep a clearer mind to play and also leave you feeling less stressed.